what c3y is about.

C3Y (Central Christian Church Youth) is a community. We're a brotherhood and sisterhood, a family together. We aren't a self-serve station, for people to come and go without noticing anyone or anything else but their own needs. We lift one another up when we fall, cheer for each other when we struggle, and celebrate together as we press on and see God at work.

C3Y is cross-centered. Apart from what God does for us and in us and through us, we can do nothing.  Everything focuses on the climax of God's work for us through Jesus on the cross!  We sing about it, pray because of it, and live out of it.

C3Y is intentional. We study what God reveals about Himself in the Bible, knowing that it's hard work, and knowing that it pays off.  We make room for God to interrupt our schedules, the common flow of life in Seymour, because He's worth our attention and greater than any other life goal.  Without intentional effort, we'll be swallowed up by the weeds that grow up around us: weeds of everyday living without God, the busyness and distractions of life in this world that keep us from Him.

C3Y is authentic. Many people put up a shield, a mask, a front, to protect others from seeing what's really inside.  We work at breaking these barriers down, trusting in God Who loves us in our mess and seeking His help among His people.

C3Y is lasting. What we begin here has enduring power to send us into life beyond high school: the university, the workplace, the military, wherever. We establish patterns, habits, a view of the world that glorifies God, seeks joy in Him, and keeps us close to Him. This is our goal, for our middle school and high school years, and for all of life.


We would love to help you get connected with our community, no matter when in the year, no matter where you are in middle school or high school.  Our main meetings are Wednesday nights, from 6-8pm, at the Youth House next door to the church (1458 W 2nd Street). We focus our studies on Wednesdays in small groups: Middle School Guys, Middle School Girls, and High School Students. To learn more about what we're studying, or to make first contact and get connected, please email us or just drop by on a Wednesday at 6. 

in the fall


See You At the Pole – late September


Oktoberfest Parking Lot Fundraiser – 1st weekend of the month

Delta Kappa Gamma Sorority Dinner Fundraiser – mid-late Oct.


Operation Christmas Child – Shoebox Project

Thanksgiving Baskets


Christmas Caroling at Covered Bridge

in the spring

February / March

WinterJam Concert at Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indy

Love Banquet Fundraiser for missions trip

May / June

Graduation Sunday


Missions Trip (High School) – week of July 4

Missions Sunday – right after VBS

and also …

Underground Church

Concerts in Indy, Louisville, or Cincinnati

Summer Activities: Pool Parties, Laser Tag, Photo Scavenger Hunts

for parents.

We don't want to replace you. We can't "out-teach" you, and we won't "do it better" than you.

What we can do is come alongside you and help reinforce the most important message you desire for your sons and daughters: to know God, to put their own trust in Him, to follow and glorify and enjoy Him forever. As your kids come, learn, and grow, we hope you feel welcome to jump in with us, give us your input, and share your walk with God with the other students in this journey we're on together – to follow Christ every day.

We would love to offer you helpful resources that have influenced our approach to student and family ministry.  First, check out Orange, a strategy that links families and churches together for a better future and greater impact.  Sticky Faith helps parents and leaders "understand the dynamics of youth group graduates’ transition to college and … identify the relationships and best practices in youth ministries, churches, and families that can help set students on a trajectory of lifelong faith and service." Also, the Center for Parent/Youth Understanding exists to help "parents, youth workers, educators, pastors and others understand and reach today's youth culture."

But most importantly, feel free to reach out to us any time, parents. We want to work together with you to help your son or daughter follow God with all of his or her heart. There's nothing that we're more excited to help you with.

Bart and Beth Hudson, Parents and Sunday School Teachers

Brandi and Wil Smith, Parents and Middle School Youth Leaders

Brent Goben, High School Youth Leader

Kathy Zuhmingst, Sunday School Teacher

Linda Higginbotham, Parent and Middle School Youth Leader

McCauley Hattabaugh, High School Youth Leader