Latest Coronavirus Update

Last Updated 7-30-20 (9:00 AM)

Dear Church Family,


As you are well aware, the governor of Indiana has issued a mask mandate.  This order requires a mask to be worn inside businesses, public buildings, and other indoor places open to the public.  The church is a building that is open to the public however the church also falls under an exemption in the governors order which states that the mask mandate does not apply to "any person attending or engaged in a religious service as he or she must already maintain six feet of social distancing from another person not in the same household."


We encourage you to prayerfully consider how you will respond to the governor's orders.  Please remember that whether it be in the church building or in any other local business, we are to submit ourselves to every human authority for the Lord's sake (1 Peter 2:13-17). 


When we live as Christ would have us live, we shine as bright lights in a dark world.  God bless you as you seek to live for Him.


Your Elder Board


We are now hosting one service at 9 AM, but broadcasting online at both 9 AM and 11 AM.


Dear Church Family,


We are looking forward to seeing you for our reopening on June 7th!  We wanted to give you some information you should know about this Sunday's upcoming service. 


Most importantly, if you are sick at all, please stay home and worship online. 


In order to accommodate as many people as possible with social distancing measures, we will be having two services at 9 AM and 11 AM.  The two services will be identical.  If we need more seating than we've designated in the sanctuary, we will be seating people in the Fellowship Hall (Gym) where we'll have the service on a TV.  We are asking you to please consider attending the 11 AM service where you are more likely to get a seat in the Sanctuary to help make room at our 9 AM service.


The Online Service will continue to be broadcast through the avenues we've been using.  We do not have plans to discontinue this even after the pandemic resolves. 


If you are 65 or older or have a high-risk medical condition, the government has asked that you stay home and worship online.  We pass along that request out of reverence for Christ, but we recognize that the decision to come to church in person is one between you and God, and we will respect whatever you decide.  No one will be turned away from attending church because they are over 65 or high-risk. 


If you plan to join us, no matter what your age, we are recommending that you wear a mask.  We will not be requiring masks and we recognize that there are many understandable reasons a person might not wear a mask.  For your protection, we will also be asking you to please apply some hand sanitizer as you enter and exit. 


Connection Groups may begin reopening in person on June 21st.  Church sponsored connection group gatherings will be allowed in the following areas:

  • The Fellowship Hall (Gym) with a group maximum (TBD).
  • The Library with a group maximum (TBD).
  • Outside with no maximum so long as 6 ft social distancing can be applied.

We are not yet opening up church-sponsored connection group gatherings inside of homes.  We recommend that masks be worn for inside connection group gatherings.  Groups will need to reserve their rooms with the church office and may need to rotate with other groups.


There are many precautions we have taken to protect the safety of everyone who will come inside the building.  We've listed them below so that you can see and be familiar with the steps we've taken.


Church will be different, and it will continue to be different for a while.  But God is at work in every season of our lives and in everything that happens in the world.  We are trusting him to do great things through the challenges of this season.


See you soon!

Pastor Ben



Here's a list of the precautions we are taking to ensure that your experience worshipping with us in person is a safe one. 



  • Asking you to stay home if you are sick at all.
  • Recommending that you wear a mask.
  • Asking you to please apply some hand sanitizer as you enter the building and as you leave.



  • Our sanctuary has been marked out to seat a predetermined number of family units.  When those spots have been taken, we will seat people in the gym watching the service on a TV. 
  • All of our designated seating has been marked out with 6 ft of distancing.
  • All the items in the pew pockets have been removed for easier sanitizing between services.


Entering and Exiting

  • People will enter through one set of doors at our main entrance and follow a prescribed pathway to the sanctuary unless they need to go to the bathroom.
  • The entry doors will all be propped open and greeters will stand at least 6 feet away from the line when greeting people.
  • We have marked out the floor approximately 10 ft apart for how far you need to stand from the person in line in front of you. 
  • We will ask everyone who would like to chat with friends to do so outside while maintaining 6 ft of distance from others. 
  • When dismissing, we will dismiss one section of the sanctuary at a time and keep distance from others using the markings on the floor. 
  • People will be asked to wait to chat with their friends until they are outside.



  • We will permit a maximum of 2 people in the bathroom at a time.  A bathroom monitor will inform you whether you need to wait in line outside the bathroom.
  • The doors will be propped open to eliminate contact with the handles.
  • The water fountain will be closed for use, and we will instead have small bottles of water available. 



  • The communion will be prepackaged wafer and communion cups.  These will be placed into a communion tray with spacing between the cups so that only the cup that is taken is touched.
  • The person who is preparing communion will not be sick and they will take their temperature before placing the cups in the tray.  They will also wear a face mask and gloves.
  • The communion trays will be available at the information center counter, and you can pick up your communion as you enter. 
  • A welcome team member will be staffing this counter wearing a mask and gloves.  They will keep the communion elements covered until they need to be placed out for pick up. 



  • You may continue to give online or by mailing a check.
  • The Generosity plates will not be passed during the service. 
  • Generosity envelopes will be available on the counter as you enter.  These will be restocked by someone who is not sick and who is wearing a mask and gloves.
  • You may give in person by placing your generosity in the wooden pedestal boxes as you enter and exit. 



  • The bulletin will continue to be emailed out each week.
  • No bulletins will be handed out at the building.



  • We will have extra cloth masks available for you to wear.  These masks have been washed and then bagged in a Ziploc bag by someone wearing a mask and gloves.  They were all packaged more than two weeks ago.


Hand Sanitizer

  • We will have hand sanitizer available at the following locations
  • The Entrance
  • The Communion counter
  • Inside the sanctuary doors
  • At the water bottle table



  • The following areas will be disinfected between every service.
  • Door handles: Outside entry, Sanctuary entry doors including north entrance, Classroom entry, and Office entry.
  • Bathroom faucets, toilets, paper towel dispensers, and counters, including all handles.  Every other bathroom stall will be closed.
  • The tables/counters holding the communion elements, giving envelopes, water bottles, and extra masks.
  • Each of our designated seating spots: the top of the pew, the back of the pew, the cushioned seat will be sprayed with a disinfectant, the pew holder including the spot where you would place a communion cup. 
  • Praise team music stands
  • Door knobs and push plates where praise team people enter and exit.
  • The tops of the generosity pedestal boxes.
  • The tech booth door knobs, railing, and upstairs computer.
  • All communion trays that have been used.
  • We will also have a volunteer designated to be available for disinfecting as needed as people enter and exit.  However, your experience should be largely touch-free.
  • The following areas will be disinfected between each scheduled classroom use.
  • Tables, Chairs, fabric seats sprayed with a disinfectant, doorknobs, TV remotes.



  • Parents please bring your own bags of things for your kids to do as they sit during the service.  We will have some disposable bags available if you forget yours.  Our bags have been prepared by someone who was not sick and who was wearing gloves and a mask.
  • We will have a room where up to 2 families may social distance and watch the service with a crying baby or restless toddler.  This is the North classroom. 
  • There will be no Nursery Childcare.
  • There will be no Children's programming in the building.  We will continue to provide programming resources online.


Air Circulation

  • Our Furnace fans will be running continuously on Sunday morning and in doing so will circulate outdoor air into the building.
  • We have installed high-filtration furnace filters to help clean the air as it circulates.


Fellowship Café

  • The fellowship café will not be operating.  We will not be serving any food or drinks.   


May 9 Update

Elder Update

Regarding Reopening

Dear Church Family,


After much discussion and prayerful consideration, your Elder Board has decided to schedule our reopening for June 7th.  We will gradually transition to streaming our services from the building in mid-May and then reopen for in-person services on June 7th. 


We know this may be disappointing to many, but we feel that this is what enables our staff to navigate the transition in a safe way and as smoothly as possible.  We can't wait to connect with you when we begin to meet in person again. 


Our Elder Board will be sending out a video soon with some spiritual encouragements for these days, but we wanted you to know what to expect for this Sunday.


Thank you and we love you so much,

The Elder Board of Central Christian Church


Hey Church,


Here's the latest info for our services.


Main Service 9 AM


There are four ways to join our services: Church Online, Facebook, our Website, and Calling in with your phone.  You can watch the service anytime starting at 9 AM.  Links to these options can be found here:

Kids Church


Our video link and activity worksheets for Kids Church can be found at  Just prep the videos ahead of time and get the kids set up with the video when the sermon starts.




Remember to prep your communion before the service.  We have made some communion elements available to you so that you can continue to take communion.  Stop by the church when it works for you and take several prepackaged communion servings for each person in your family from our bin outside the daycare entrance.  Please use hand sanitizer before opening the bin.  These communion elements will last for 6-8 months without refrigeration, but you can refrigerate them too. Otherwise you can use any juice and bread.



You can give by mailing in a check to 1434 W 2nd St, Seymour, IN 47274 or by giving online at You can give by credit card or bank account.  We recommend the bank account option since the transaction fees are lower for us there.


See you Sunday!

Pastor Ben


Email from 3-18-2020

Dear Church,


In order to best care for our congregation during this time of health concerns, CCC is observing the recommendations of the newest information available about the Coronavirus.  According to those recommendations, our group attendance numbers must be below 10 persons.  For this reason the following practices are in place:


Sunday Morning  Services:

We will not have services at the church building until further notice. All church members are encouraged to watch our services live online on Facebook. Here is a link to our Facebook page: Here’s a link for viewing past services on our website:


The Church Staff:

Our church staff is now working off-site, but we will still be able to answer the phones during business hours (9 AM – 4 PM). Phone, email, and Facebook are the best ways to stay in touch.  Please leave a message.  We will be checking our messages every weekday.


Volunteer needs:

We are in need of the following volunteers with our transition to online services:


  • Prayer Partners
  • We have an amazing opportunity to bring people to Christ with our new online church service each Sunday. We need your help!  We are needing people to answer the phones after the Sunday service to pray with people and to encourage them in their faith-walk with Christ.  We would like to have 16 volunteers who will serve one Sunday a month.  Each Sunday, there will be 4 volunteers assigned to answer the phones.  We will train you to talk and pray with people who call in.  Please sign up to serve here:


  • Online Welcome Team
  • We also need people to be on Facebook watching the livestream of our church service who will respond to people watching online.   We want to be able to thank people for being with us online and answer any questions someone might have.  We would like to have 16 volunteers who each serve once a month.  Each week there will be 4 volunteers to public and private message guests online.  This is another great way to develop relationships online!  Sign up to serve here:


  • Zoom Meeting Volunteers
  • We are in need of volunteers to host Zoom meetings.  You will open the zoom meeting and help people learn how to connect through an online video chat session.  We need volunteers who are able to serve after the Sunday morning service and who can serve as a Zoom host for different Connection Groups.  Sign up to serve here:


Kid’s Church:

During this season of Church Online, we will be sending out videos for your kids to watch and for you to discuss as a family.  We’ll provide more recommendations about how you can help your kids to grow spiritually soon. 


RightNow Media:

We have a pre-paid subscription to RightNow Media, that is FREE for you.  It allows you to experience the world’s largest customizable library of biblical resources for everyone in your family.  There are bible studies for all ages and even movies for children!  If you have kids, we will be encouraging you to use some of their videos to help your kids grow in their faith at home.  We will also be using them as we have been for our Connection Groups.  Here is the link to create a profile and be able to watch those videos we send you:


Youth Ministry:

The Wednesday night youth group will begin meeting again on April 1st via Zoom meeting.  Stay tuned via Remind for when the youth group will be meeting.  Go to  Enter a phone number or an email address to get updates about the youth ministry. 


Connection Groups and other meetings at the building:

Talk to your connection Group Leader for information about when and how your group will meet. Currently, no connection groups are permitted to meet at the building.  


The Church Lobby:

The church lobby will not be open to the public. It is best to call the office to let us know if you are planning to come into the building.


Members who have keys:

If you come and unlock the church doors please be certain to RELOCK the doors after you come in. 


The following will be discontinued until further notice:

The Bus Ministry, Community Connections Meals, Funeral Dinner Meals, Senior Day Out, Choir, Home Communion for Shut Ins, Loyal Devoir, Hoosier Christian Village visits, Covered Bridge Bible Study, SOAR, Bell Choir, and the Prayer Shawl ministry. 


The following will continue at the direction of their ministry leader:

Signing Choir, Praise Team, Connection Groups, Various Ministry Teams/Committees.  The church is still caring for those in need of financial assistance but most of that contact will be by phone.


The following ministries have not been decided yet:

The Haiti missions trip and the youth missions trip have not been decided yet.  


Thank you for doing your part! As always, please remember that all of these changes are for the well-being of all concerned. In your time at home, you can take comfort in knowing our church body is staying together in prayer and in Spirit even though we are not gathering together face-to-face. As members of the body of Christ, we not only need to care for our own families, but we need to set a great example of calmness and patience as we deal with trying times. We are blessed to be a blessing. Remember that the Lord ALWAYS turns evil to good and this will ultimately be for His glory.


Your Virus-free Church Office