Connecting on zoom

If you aren't used to downloading apps, no problem.  You have two options.  A video call or a regular phone call.  Wait until the scheduled time for the meeting to connect on Zoom.


Video Call


  1. It is simplest to use a smart phone, tablet, or a laptop for video calling.
  2. Click the link you were given to join one of our meetings.
  3. Your phone or computer may ask you to download the app.  If you are okay with this, then approve this, tell it okay, or click download.
  4. Give it some time to download and get connected with our meeting.
  5. It may ask you to create an account.  If you aren't familiar with creating accounts and don't want to, that's okay. 
  6. Look for something that says something like "Join with Meeting ID"  or "Enter Meeting ID."  Click on that spot and then enter the meeting ID.  The meeting ID is the ten numbers inside the link you were given.  Then click "Join."
  7. CLICK HERE to watch a video learn about the buttons on Zoom.
  8. CLICK HERE to watch a video about how to join a Zoom meeting.


Phone Call


  1. Call this number to join one of our Zoom meetings: 669-219-2599.  It doesn't matter what type of phone you have.  Any phone will work.
  2. It will ask you to enter a number.  Enter the meeting ID which is the ten numbers inside the link you were given.
  3. It will then ask you to enter another number or press #.  Don't enter a number.  Just press #.
  4. Wait a few minutes and you will be connected with the conference call.  You should be able to hear everyone and everyone should be able to hear you unless someone has muted you. 
  5. If you would like to mute yourself or un-mute yourself press * then 6.  If you would like to raise your hand, press * then 9.



If you have a smart phone or a computer and know how to download apps, then download the Zoom Cloud Meetings App.  Below are some links:


Android App:


Iphone App:


Regular Computer App: [Click the download button for "Zoom Client for Meetings"]

Note: You will need a webcam with a microphone to use a computer or laptop.  Most laptops and tablets have this built in.


All of these apps are FREE.