One way or another, people of all stripes have made their way to Central Christian: people who hardly darkened the door of a church before to people who practically grew up in one.  But the key for us in worship at Central isn't highlighting the people who come.  It's highlighting the God we come to worship.  He deserves our praise, He hears our prayers, and we present ourselves to Him to give Him glory and to enjoy Him forever.

We celebrate three special elements to our church services here at Central Christian: Communion, Baptism, and our Invitation to the Christian Life and Church Membership (the Invitation).  We offer the Invitation and Communion every Sunday.  Baptisms are less frequent but are particularly special elements of the service whenever we have them.  To learn more about these elements of our worship services, please scroll down to the sections below.

teaching from the bible

God has made Himself known to us through His Word, the Bible.  We make Him known to others as we faithfully tell others what He has said!  We often preach through books of the Bible at Central.  When we preach on topics or other themes, we are eager to let God's Word lead and inform what we believe and what we say to one another.

Our hope is that when you hear a sermon at Central, it isn't the thought of the man or the woman on the platform you come away with.  We want you to hear God's Word spoken to you and applied to your life.  We want to be transformed by the renewing of our minds, able to test and approve the good, pleasing, and perfect will of God (Romans 12:2).


Our music is a vital part of how we worship God together. We sing hymns, we sing new radio hits and we sing a varity of songs in between. What a blessing it is to hear the voices of every member, young and old, lifting their hearts to God in worship and praise. We also involve a variety musicians in our services – choirs, guitars, flutes, violins, saxophones and more – to lead us in our praise God through choral selections, ensembles, and solos.

The message of Christ dwells among us richly as we teach and counsel each other with the wisdom of God through all kinds of music.  We sing to God with grateful hearts, doing everything in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ (Colossians 3:16-17).  Let everything that has breath praise the Lord! (Psalm 150:6)

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We celebrate communion every Sunday at Central.  Anyone who is a Christian is invited to take communion with us, regardless of where they're a church member or what denomination they're a part of.

Why?  We offer communion to remind us of the centrality of our forgiveness through Jesus Christ in our lives.  We affirm the grace of God in Jesus Christ and His sacrifice on the cross.  We seek to be strengthened by God's presence through the bread and cup, which Jesus used to demonstrate the covenant initiated by God's grace.


We trust that the Holy Spirit works in His way, in His time, and that He draws people to Himself to believe on Jesus Christ. In each worship service we invite people to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Anyone who wants to accept this invitation comes forward during the invitation or marks their decision on a pew card to be turned in at the information center.