central 101

Central 101 is a class for anyone who would like to learn more about our church.  The class covers what we believe as Christians, our church's story and mission, our expectations of members, and ways to get connected.  To find out more about when Central 101 will be offered next, give us a call or email the church office.  We are excited to connect with you!

How do I Join Central Christian Church?

  1. Begin by coming forward at the close of a Sunday service or by sharing your desire to join CCC with an Elder, Pastor, or the church office.
  2.  Attend all three of the Central 101 class sessions.  This class is offered 3 times a year (usually February, June, and October).  If for some reason there is a problem attending all three classes, a single class may be made up the next time Central 101 is offered, but all three classes are required for membership.  The class will include a Statement of Membership form and a Contact Information form to be filled out.  Please note that you are welcome to attend the class and then decide not to commit to membership. 
  3. You must have been baptized before at either our church or another church.  If you haven’t been baptized yet, we offer regular baptisms and would be happy to baptize you at one of those times.
  4. Once you’ve attended all three sessions of Central 101, filled out the necessary forms, and have been baptized, you are officially a member. 
  5. We will be present you to the congregation as a group to recognize all the most recent new members when we are ready to invite people to the next Central 101 class.  This may be a couple of months after you’ve taken the class.