Our connections with most everybody start on Sunday mornings. We begin our worship services at 9 am to make known Who God is and to celebrate what He has done!  If you're interested in visiting our church, click the first picture above to learn more about what to expect.

We have a special time to build community at our church on Wednesday nights during the school year, called Community Connections.  Caring church members provide meals every week to serve whoever comes for whatever donation they desire to give. Our Community Connections dinner also leads into many of our weekly connection groups and ministry opportunities.  All are welcome!  Click the second picture above for more information.

When our guests become regular attenders and decide they want to commit themselves to being a part of our community, we invite them to join a new member's class. This bridges the gap between being an interested spectator and being an enthusiastic participant in what God calls us to here.  To sign up or to learn more, click the third picture above.