Central Leadership

The men and women of our staff and leadership here at Central love, care about, and pray for every single person in the church.  If you have questions for us, reach out and email us or call our church office to speak with us.

  • Ben Yee

    Lead Pastor

    For the past 6 years, Ben has been serving as a pastor at a

    Vineyard Church in Pataskala, OH. Ben has a bachelor’s degree in Christian Ministry from  Wheaton College. Before serving at the Vineyard Church, Ben

    was a lay leader at a church in Chicago where he and his family lived

    and served for 7 years. Ben worked as a carpenter during their family's

    time there. Ben grew up in Middletown, MD. Katie grew up

    mostly in Grand Forks, North Dakota. ben@centralseymour.org

  • Neil Gardner

    Director of Worship and technology

    Neil joined our staff in September 2017 as our Music, Worship and Technology Minister. He has served on the faculty of Intermountain Bible College (Grand Jct., CO) and Ozark Christian College (Joplin, MO).  He has also served churches in Illinois and Indiana. He has been in ministry for 40 years and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Church Music from Midwest Christian College and a Masters in Music Education from Oklahoma City University. He is married to Linda and they have three girls – Joanna, Janelle and Julianne. He loves music, technology, traveling and spending time with his family.

  • robin everhart

    director of care and connections

    Central Christian has been Robin's home church and church family all her life. She came on staff full-time in 2005 after 30 years in the business world.  Robin enjoyed sharing Christ and seeing lives changed in the youth during 9 years as our Youth Director.  In 2013, Robin transitioned into a new role as Director of Pastoral Care and Connection Ministries. She calls on those who are in the hospital, nursing home, and the homebound, and she encourages and resources all of our Connection Group leaders here at Central.

    Jesus transformed Robin's life after the death of her son Benjy! Since then, her passion is to connect people to Christ so they can develop a relationship with Him through the Holy Spirit. Robin often works alongside her husband Bill, who like Robin is also a Commissioned Minister. They have another son, Blake, and in her spare time, Robin loves reading, camping, and traveling anywhere tropical!


  • Lisa wieneke

    director of children's ministries

    Lisa grew up in Columbus and joined Central Christian in 1992 when she and Matt were married. She spent much time volunteering in the church nursery before taking a temporary part-time position in our Children's Ministry. Since 1999, Lisa's position has grown into a permanent role, leading our Children's Ministry and supporting our Daycare Ministry. Lisa enjoys partnering with families and volunteers: she feels blessed to have the chance to transform lives for the Kingdom of God. Outside of church, Lisa enjoys spending time with her family, walking her dogs, and reading. She and Matt are the parents of Mackenzie, Reid, and Ryan.


  • KRIS Bevers

    Daycare director

    Kris began working in our Daycare when it opened in 2006, working with our 15 month olds, toddlers, and 3-year-olds. In 2012 Kris transitioned into her current role as our Daycare Director. She has two children, Nicole and Ryan, who keep her busy with cheerleading and basketball.  Kris loves to spend her weekends camping in spring, summer, and fall!


  • jon carlstrom

    Transitional senior Pastor

    Jon served in pastoral ministry from 1970 through 2007. Since that time he has served as a Transitional Pastor with churches going through significant change or restructuring. In transitional ministry at Central, Jon is called to pastor, preach, offer spiritual direction, leadership, and mentoring support. Jon is married to Jan who actively supports Jon's ministry.



We're so thankful for these other staff members who make our ministry possible in so many ways!  Whenever you've got a question or want to know where to look for a helping hand, don't be shy in contacting these staff members either!

  • Janice brock


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  • Claudia huddleston

    Office Manager

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  • Brenda labie

    office assistant

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  • Randy ent


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  • Patty Ent


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  • Ken Anders

    Night Custodian

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  • Mary Sentz


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Our elders take unique responsibilities at Central to be shepherds of God's flock: to protect, feed, lead, and care for God's people here.  Pray for our elders as they willingly take this burden upon themselves.  We are blessed by their ministry to our church!

  • Dave Earley

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  • Bill Everhart

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  • marguerite Galloway

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